The Home Heat Helpline


The Home Heat Helpline advises people worried about paying their energy bills and keeping warm during the winter. It also gives advice to low-income households in urgent need of heating help and advice. It is free to call and is open 9am-5.30pm Monday to Fridays.

The Home Heat Helpline was launched by the Energy Retail Association in 2005. The Energy Retail Association merged with the Association of Electricity Producers and the UK Business Council for Sustainable Energy to become Energy UK in April 2012.

What happens when you call

Calls to the helpline are answered by one of our friendly expert advisors at our call centre. They can give you quick, clear information on the grants, benefits and payment schemes that you may be entitled to as well as basic steps that you can take to save money on heating bills by making your home more energy efficient.

After asking you a few questions the advisor may put your call through to an appropriate specialist team at your energy supplier or another advice or grant giving agency, for further help.

People we’ve helped

Many people phone on behalf of their friends, relatives and neighbours. Since it began, the Home Heat Helpline has received over 350,000 calls from across Britain. Nearly half of callers said that they had cut down their energy bills after calling us and many more were able to access benefits and grants.

Who we work with

We also take calls from care professionals and other organisations such as the Citizens Advice Bureau and housing associations.

0333 300 33 66